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About RDVDB Computer Services

RDVDB Computer Services is a family-run business owned and operated by Robbert and Dana van der Bijl.

Robbert has been building, repairing, upgrading and diagnosing computers for over twenty years.  He holds a degree in Applied Physics and works as a Software Engineering Manager for a company in Merrimack, NH.  He has extensive experience writing software in C/C++/C# for industrial automation and IT/database applications.  He also has experience fixing computer problems from the old IBM PC to the most recent technology

Our customers are always saying that they love the way Robbert is patient with them.  He understands that not everyone is a computer geek, and will take the time to explain what he is doing and what the customer can do to avoid future problems.

Dana has been a computer geek since the early 90's.  She managed a computer repair shop in New Jersey for over ten years, and now takes care of business at RDVDB.  She has a degree in Journalism and has written for Forbes publications.

Dana volunteered to do the layout and ad design for Deerfield's The Communicator from 2006 to 2009.  She did the ad design and layout work for the most recent edition of the Deerfield Phonebook, which raised money for local non-profits and charities like the Deerfield Food Pantry, The Philbrick-James Library, The Forum, and the NHSPCA. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors for The Philbrick-James Forum and working as a volunteer doing the layout for their print editions.

Robbert and Dana have been living in Deerfield since 2002.  Their daughter Cassie attends Deerfield Community School.